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The Ashburton Trust has recently been transitioning from its traditional activities of operating businesses in the hospitality industry in the Ashburton district to a model where it operates predominantly as a landlord. The Trust has recently sold the businesses at the Somerset Grocer, Ashburton Speights Alehouse, Hotel Ashburton and Tinwald Tavern Complex and leases these properties to private operators. The Trust has retained and continues to operate the Devon Tavern.

The Ashburton Trust board has been working through a process of looking to the future and developing Investment and granting policies to support the needs in our community. The Ashburton Trust board has now adopted its Statement of Granting Policies and Objectives and is now communicating this to the Mid Canterbury community.

Monthly board meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month (excluding January) in the ALT board room, Level 2, Somerset House at 4.30pm

What is a Licensing Trust?

Openly accountable / Community owned / Democratically elected

Licensing Trusts were introduced into New Zealand via the Licensing Trust Act (1949)

  • The Ashburton Trust has been in existence since 1949 and is governed by the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act (2012)
  • The Trust is owned by the community of Ashburton and is governed by a Board of six Trustees who are elected from our community under the Local Electoral Act (2001)
  • The Trust's mandate is to provide quality accommodation, food, beverage and entertainment facilities for the residents of, and visitors to, the Ashburton District.

Through our success and profitability, we ensure ongoing benefits for the people of Ashburton by returning a share of the profits to our community.  Grants and donations are usually to sports, art, culture, amenities, education, health, community organisations and to meet community needs.

Through democracy and robust reporting to the public, Ashburton Licensing Trust is uniquely accountable to the people we serve.  

Since the inception of the Ashburton Licensing Trust over NZD $20 million has been returned to the community.



Office Hours:

Monday – Thursday 9am to 3pm

Physical Address: 

Level 2, Somerset House, Cnr East & Burnett Streets, Ashburton 7700

Postal Address:   PO Box 217, Ashburton 7740

Phone:   +64 3 307 5911

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